Culture Shock

That’s right: 2 updates in ONE WEEK! But really…I’m just gonna start every blog post from now on with apologies. I wrote this out a few weeks ago, when we were orientating (yes, I just pulled that word out of my butt) in Castelldefels, just a wee bit southwest of Barça. Since then, I’ve moved in with my host family, gone on a 5 day trip to Castilla y Leon in northwest Spain, started classes at Universitat de Barcelona, and DOING IT LIVE doing me wrong.

Anyway, the first week in Castelldefels was basically vacation filled with useless “orientations.” Ejemplo: “HOW TO USE A MAP!” I lie when I say they’re completely useless, but really, the necessity of it all was nonexistent. My absolute favorite one, though was probably this little ditty about…


  • The anxiety and feelings people feel when operating in another country. Something that every person going abroad must deal with. Comes in stages:

STAGE 1: Excitement

-One might feel intense emotions of joy, and may start to have the belief that their life is better than EVERYONE else’s.


-The person realizes that they are in a completely different country, an entirely new world, and they have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. Good luck!

STAGE 3: Resentment

-The person then begins to question everything in this strange new land, missing the comforts of America. Everything abroad is not as good as what is in America. Soon they start to sound like an All-American asshole.

(I must say that at this point of the orientation my train of focus went off the rails a little bit, but I think I got the gist of it…and  came up with a nifty solution)

  • Getting over Culture Shock

-A simple, one-step process. Goes something like this:


Simple, straightforward, and to the point, no? Anyway, that’s it for now methinks. I’ll try and be more on par with these updates. But I suck at golf. So we’ll see.

Thanks again. We’ll talk soon.