Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.7 – “The End All Pee All”

Happy Spring Break!!! It’s been difficult to find any free time to edit. And it looks like I’m only gonna get busier next quarter, so I hope you guys are as grateful as I am for the weeklong break. Over the week off, I’ve had time to practice being homeless, increase my movie acquisitions and watchings, AND I had time for this little bad boy here!

I SWEAR I’m still working on getting up Spain vids too, but the next one is about La Merce festival, and anyone who was there with me knows, trying to edit that thing is chaotic at best.

For now though, allow me to present the culmination of the past 4 or so episodes. We’ve been building up so much for this moment, so hopefully you find it worth your while. And if you don’t, well, asi es la vida. Last we left you, Chris and I had settled on a little wager for his pee pee dilemma. If he can contain his urine in a 20oz. water bottle, I would run around in my underwear upon arrival at Lexi’s house. If not, vice versa. Then, pulling off to the side of the road, we got stuck in the mud, and that added a whole separate adventure and episode. And on top of ALL THAT, we only had about 2 hours left on our self-set deadline to get to LA. As you’ll see in later Europe episodes, Chris & I taking something so seemingly simple and idiotproof and finding out a way to overcomplicate it is something of a talent of ours. But thankfully, it only benefits you all, as you get to enjoy our ever-present struggles.

Now, with no further ados, setbacks, fakeouts, unexpected occurrences or the like, please allow this next episode to only add to the wonderful joy and bliss that is Spring Break.

And thanks again.



Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.6 – “In Deep Doodoo”

Yeah, yeah…I know. We lied. We teased. We got you all hot and bothered to see some pee pee action, then we left you with blue balls. I’m not gonna lie…we’re not sorry. Partly because it worked pretty perfectly, if I say so myself. But mostly because, as you are about to see in this episode, we definitely got slapped across the face by the palm of karma as soon as possible. Seriously. We got what we deserved, and now you get to enjoy it. Lesson learned. We shan’t ever lie to you guys again. I mean, unless it produces stories as good as this.

With that, here’s to comeuppance, and here’s to your amusement. Because it matters to us.

Thanks again. Enjoy.


AAAAAAND WE’RE BAAAACK!!! Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.5 – “The Phallusion”

FINALLY! At long last, after a healthy winter hiatus, Chris and I are back at it! This is the first episode edited since returning stateside, so it definitely feels good to get back on the grind. When you last saw us, Chris was all set to pee in a tiny bottle in a moving vehicle, but I convinced him to pull over to the side of the road to settle this bet of ours. And now, after MONTHS of anticipation, the dozen or so of you who actually do watch these things will finally know the answer to the question: Can an ordinary water bottle contain the venom of a brownaconda??? Watch, find out, and then come back soon for more.

Enjoy. =)


Dear Lexi,

NOTICE: The following video was made for the sole purpose of making Lexi cry.

Okay…so “sole” is maybe too strong a word, but “primary” wouldn’t be far off. Anyway, way back in August, as you might have seen in the last Chris & Kev video, Chris and I had this ingenious plan to take our videos of the drive down, and then edit them together in viewable webisodes to be released once a week. Now, had we succeeded in our idealistic plan, this video would have been PERFECTLY planned to be released this week. But alas, I must now remind you that we are Filipinos, and are thus operating on Filipino time, which states that we must be late for any and all appointments or deadlines, and should it be something for a close friend, well then the only understood and acceptable terms of completion are sometime before one party’s life has ended.

That being the case, I found it necessary to expedite the editing process on this next video, because, frankly, once Lexi gets back, this video’s message loses a lot of its luster. Therefore, we’re skipping ahead about 18 hours on the Chris & Kev timeline to Lexi’s going away party.

This video isn’t exactly a Chris & Kev episode, I have to admit. No shenanigans here. Well, mostly none.

Now Lexi, I know you’ve been wishing you could stay longer in Canterbury like I wanted to stay in Barcelona, but this might help ease the blow of coming back somewhat. This little video might pack a wallop, so go get your Kleenex, grab the cuddliest thing you got over there, and make sure your closest English friends are at hand, lest you find yourself TRAPPED IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION.

Enjoy the video, and enjoy your last few days across the pond, amiga! We’ll see you in a few =)



Mashed Potato Musings AND Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.4 – “Trapped in the Cockpit”

[WARNING: long-winded sentimental diatribe to follow]

Let’s get real for a second. Can we do that? Ok…it’s Thanksgiving today. I am currently all alone, sitting in a room no wider than my wingspan, with next to no money in my pocket, far from my friends, and even further from family. And I couldn’t be happier. The last half year has easily been the best of my life, and I am incredibly thankful. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had. I’m thankful for the family I’ve got. I’m thankful for everything I’ve been fortunate to have, some of which I don’t even feel like I deserve. And I’m mad thankful for all the awesome friends I’ve made. One of these awesome people recently told me that my time here, this abroad experience I’m having, it’s not something that will be easily be relatable to anyone else. She was absolutely right. I’ve found that try as I might to explain it, no one will ever really fully comprehend the impact these experiences have had on me. They are, in a way, uniquely intimate and all to my own.

This blog is as much for my benefit as it may be for you. Be it through writing, video, and maybe later even acting, creating these blogs lets me do what I love. I love telling stories. And though you may never completely understand what all these past few months have meant to me, these stories help to relate that meaning in the best way I can. I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy telling them. Back in the day, me and my brother used to pray and give thanks for “our house, our food, our toys, our cars and our bikes.” I guess nowadays I’m more thankful to have people in my life worth telling these stories to. So thanks. Thanks for you. Happy Thanksgiving.


Hooookayyy…now that I’ve got that nonsense out of my system, let’s get down to the good stuff. Finally…a new episode of Chris & Kev!!! I have no joke been trying to upload this little spitfuck for three days straight, but my internet has thwarted me each and every time. The level of frustration that festers inside me when this happens…for serious…it makes me want to do unspeakable things. But I withhold, and I like to think I am a better man for it.

Anyway, a little DISCLAIMER about this next video. Forgive me for tooting mine and Chris’ horns, but you are about to witness, I think, one of the most HIGHlarious episodes of our drive down to SoCal. Problem is, the majority of the action…is in the dark. But, creative solutions to creative problems! I took my shot at it, and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks again.

Hasta pronto, amigos


Chris and Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.3 – The Phone Call

At long  last…my blog is back up and running (well…still crawling, really)! Several angry e-mails were written, profanities were sworn at my faulty internet, and this video has been on deck to be uploaded for longer than Bri was waiting at the airport here in Barcelona on Saturday (sorry Bri, but welcome to my blog! =) ).

I’ve been crazy busy and on the move lately. I spent the last week being spoiled by life: classes were cancelled left and right, jetted out to Paris to spend a romantic weekend with the other half of the namesake for these webisodes (and his girlfriend Elisa…hope you didn’t mind playing awkward 3rd wheel!), then came home to find more friends from across the pond who came to Barcelona for the week (shoutouts to Lexi, Bri, and Miguel here)! Oh, and in between all that, school, of course. Had a couple papers due in a couple classes, and my first and only midterm is tomorrow morning…followed shortly by a flight to Dublin! Basically, every weekend starting from this past one, I’m heading out to a different city abroad and seeing what shenanigans I can get into.

Okay, enough about that stuff…let’s talk about Chris and Kev! The first few episodes were great set-up, and after this episode, things are gonna get REAL SERIOUS, REAL FAST. Actually, they’ll probably get less serious, but definitely more insane. All the craziest things that were only briefly alluded to in the trailer are yet to come.

And to the less than handful of others who might also exist and check this blog…more videos and pictures coming real soon, I promise (though “soon” is a fairly relative term, now isn’t it?).

Thanks for stopping by,


Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.2 – In Which We Ruin Great Songs and Make a Case for Having ADD

Update time! No, not with anything from abroad…seriously, you guys need to stop waiting for those things. You’re coming off as desperate now, and that’s just unattractive. It is in the editing process now though, as opposed to the land of creative purgatory known as my mind. Hopefully soon it’ll be up.

But GOOD NEWS is I have a new episode for “Chris & Kev” to show! Chris gave my lazy bum a break and took on the editing duties on this one, and it’s pretty kick-ass. We’re also getting more consistent on the weekly-ish thing of having new episodes, so there is promise.

For now though, kick back, relax, and forget that I ever created this blog for abroad purposes to begin with!