To This Love

Been a while folks. A lot’s happened. I’m in a vastly different place than I was since my last posts. A good thing, I think. I’m moving forward, and that’s generally a good direction to be going in. Most recently, I just wrapped a really awesome play called The Pillowman. Changed my life, working on that thing. If you ever have the opportunity of watching it, anywhere, I highly recommend you don’t pass up on it.

Now that it’s over, however, I get to let the darkness of it go. And part of that, I’ve realized, is playing a lot more in the light, and LOVING it. Here’s something I’ve found for bringing a little sunshine in your life: if you wanna smile, work on things that make you smile. And two things guaranteed to make anyone smile? Babies and puppies. BOOM.

“The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by.” – Tree of Life

Thanks again 🙂


if embedded video does not work, click here to view it on hitRECord


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