barçablog cinco – La Mercé, Correfoc, and Gratuitous Cursing

A year ago today, I landed in Barcelona with 30 some-odd strangers, hopped on a bus to Castelldefels beach town, and started a journey that has literally changed my life. It’s insane how people look back on their experiences in life and how it’s shaped them to be who they are today, and already I’ve filed that part of my life as one of those chapters. It wasn’t my first time traveling outside of the country. Hell, it wasn’t even my first time studying abroad. But whatever it was; some sort of combination of the rich culture I was a part of, the awesome relationships I forged, and the INSANE experiences I shared all coalesced into something only describable as powerful and meaningful enough to affect me even still. Yeah, I know it’s super vague to put it that way, but equally as vague has been this insane amount of nostalgia that’s plagued me the whole last week leading up to this anniversary of sorts. Maybe I’ve got a thing for milestones. Maybe I’m a romantic in that sort of way. Or maybe you should just get your ass on a plane and experience for yourself what I’m talking about. Trust me. It’ll change you. And a year later, you’ll still be riding the wave.

Exhibit A: This video right here. It’s been a GOOD LONG WHILE mis amigos Barcelona. The last barçablog I threw up here was a solid 9 months ago…UNFORGIVABLE. That’s kind of why I sentimentalized a little bit up there, and also it’s why I may have overdid myself a bit on this video. It’s a solid 15 minutes of action, but for good reason! For lo and behold, finally, my time at La Mercé festival has been immortalized in digital video glory.

For those of you not on the up and up on what the hell la fiesta de La Mercé is, worry not…because you’ll see it all here through my slightly skewed, ever shaky lens. Basically picture this: Spain’s second largest city shuts down for a weekend to party, complete with free wine tasting, parades with giant piñata puppets, outdoor midnight carnival rave, the grandest fireworks show you’ll see outside Paris on Bastille Day, and a FIRE RUN, in which a fatty dragon rolls down a boulevard shooting fireworks into the crowd and and army of men dressed as devils follow suit. BY FAR the craziest thing I’ve willingly been a part of.

Also, a word of warning about that part of the video. My mother has expressed her displeasure more than once with the amount of cursing which goes on in not only my videos but also at times my writing…language which she finds befitting for a sailor. Flattering as that may be, as a response I must say that I always strive to find moments in my speech and diction upon which only the choicest of profanity would only serve to enhance my eloquence. Even so, I couldn’t help but notice how during the Correfoc, even I failed to use my swearing as a compliment to my verbal articulation. In my defense, I challenge ANY of you motherfuckers out there to stand beneath a twirling tower of pyrotechnic pain with an ungloved hand holding a camera and not let a few vulgar F-bombs slip through the defense. Therefore, I did my best to cover up what nautical language may have leaked out, but don’t be all too surprised if I failed to plug all the holes.

Anyway, that’s all that I can think of to say for now. This one’s for everyone who ended up making those 3.5 months the best of my life. Enjoy. And thanks =)


P.S. Anushe Shoro rocks my world for hooking it up with the fireworks footage.


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