Deal Breaker – Teaser Trailer

Hey guys,

Long time no see, homies! So if anyone’s still reading this, I apologize for being so MIA lately. School schedule picked up and so did a ton of projects. My bad. BUT, it’s summer time now, and the living’s easy so I got nothing to do but get back on my editing grind. Which I have started to do! But not on the Chris & Kev eps or the Spain vids. As of late, people have been graduating left and right (but not me!) and I have to move out of my place in a grand total of 12 days, and on top of all that Chris’ and my buddy from Paris, Erwan, who so graciously provided us a couch to surf when we were in his city, is staying with us here in California (shoutout to here).

In the past few weeks, I acted in a couple plays, wrote another, and wrote/directed a short film. Right now, the last sucker’s in the editing process, but I’ve had time enough to crank out a teaser trailer for yall’s viewing pleasure. Please enjoy, and I’ll try and keep up more regularly for the next few months. Happy summer, friends.

See you soon,