Chris & Kev and co. – Glow in the Dark Ping Pong

A couple of weeks ago me and Chris pulled off quite possibly our greatest achievement to date (aside from being born). One day Chris called me up and we had a conversation I only now vaguely remember, mainly cuz I was napping for most of it. About 3 hours later I called him back and realized I had agreed to help him quarterback this idea he had for the Variety Show on campus. It was a staged ping pong show. But it was glow in the dark. And we were floating.

No problem, right? Well, kind of a problem. We literally went through hell to put it up: people dropping out, having to paint and build everything, broken lights, broken limbs. What we ended up putting out there was actually our first ever run with all the pieces in place. And while it definitely shows, it still is pretty cool to watch, and it was all worth it.

Please enjoy what I like to call Chris’ baby, and my godchild. Thanks again. =)

Huge shoutouts to Lexi, Annelise, Anna, Parisa, and Ponch for being the ballers in black.


Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.7 – “The End All Pee All”

Happy Spring Break!!! It’s been difficult to find any free time to edit. And it looks like I’m only gonna get busier next quarter, so I hope you guys are as grateful as I am for the weeklong break. Over the week off, I’ve had time to practice being homeless, increase my movie acquisitions and watchings, AND I had time for this little bad boy here!

I SWEAR I’m still working on getting up Spain vids too, but the next one is about La Merce festival, and anyone who was there with me knows, trying to edit that thing is chaotic at best.

For now though, allow me to present the culmination of the past 4 or so episodes. We’ve been building up so much for this moment, so hopefully you find it worth your while. And if you don’t, well, asi es la vida. Last we left you, Chris and I had settled on a little wager for his pee pee dilemma. If he can contain his urine in a 20oz. water bottle, I would run around in my underwear upon arrival at Lexi’s house. If not, vice versa. Then, pulling off to the side of the road, we got stuck in the mud, and that added a whole separate adventure and episode. And on top of ALL THAT, we only had about 2 hours left on our self-set deadline to get to LA. As you’ll see in later Europe episodes, Chris & I taking something so seemingly simple and idiotproof and finding out a way to overcomplicate it is something of a talent of ours. But thankfully, it only benefits you all, as you get to enjoy our ever-present struggles.

Now, with no further ados, setbacks, fakeouts, unexpected occurrences or the like, please allow this next episode to only add to the wonderful joy and bliss that is Spring Break.

And thanks again.