Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.6 – “In Deep Doodoo”

Yeah, yeah…I know. We lied. We teased. We got you all hot and bothered to see some pee pee action, then we left you with blue balls. I’m not gonna lie…we’re not sorry. Partly because it worked pretty perfectly, if I say so myself. But mostly because, as you are about to see in this episode, we definitely got slapped across the face by the palm of karma as soon as possible. Seriously. We got what we deserved, and now you get to enjoy it.┬áLesson learned. We shan’t ever lie to you guys again. I mean, unless it produces stories as good as this.

With that, here’s to comeuppance, and here’s to your amusement. Because it matters to us.

Thanks again. Enjoy.