Mashed Potato Musings AND Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.4 – “Trapped in the Cockpit”

[WARNING: long-winded sentimental diatribe to follow]

Let’s get real for a second. Can we do that? Ok…it’s Thanksgiving today. I am currently all alone, sitting in a room no wider than my wingspan, with next to no money in my pocket, far from my friends, and even further from family. And I couldn’t be happier. The last half year has easily been the best of my life, and I am incredibly thankful. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had. I’m thankful for the family I’ve got. I’m thankful for everything I’ve been fortunate to have, some of which I don’t even feel like I deserve. And I’m mad thankful for all the awesome friends I’ve made. One of these awesome people recently told me that my time here, this abroad experience I’m having, it’s not something that will be easily be relatable to anyone else. She was absolutely right. I’ve found that try as I might to explain it, no one will ever really fully comprehend the impact these experiences have had on me. They are, in a way, uniquely intimate and all to my own.

This blog is as much for my benefit as it may be for you. Be it through writing, video, and maybe later even acting, creating these blogs lets me do what I love. I love telling stories. And though you may never completely understand what all these past few months have meant to me, these stories help to relate that meaning in the best way I can. I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy telling them. Back in the day, me and my brother used to pray and give thanks for “our house, our food, our toys, our cars and our bikes.” I guess nowadays I’m more thankful to have people in my life worth telling these stories to. So thanks. Thanks for you. Happy Thanksgiving.


Hooookayyy…now that I’ve got that nonsense out of my system, let’s get down to the good stuff. Finally…a new episode of Chris & Kev!!! I have no joke been trying to upload this little spitfuck for three days straight, but my internet has thwarted me each and every time. The level of frustration that festers inside me when this happens…for serious…it makes me want to do unspeakable things. But I withhold, and I like to think I am a better man for it.

Anyway, a little DISCLAIMER about this next video. Forgive me for tooting mine and Chris’ horns, but you are about to witness, I think, one of the most HIGHlarious episodes of our drive down to SoCal. Problem is, the majority of the action…is in the dark. But, creative solutions to creative problems! I took my shot at it, and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks again.

Hasta pronto, amigos



Cool Stuff I Like

Stop-motion animation. Essentially, you take a series of still frames to give the illusion of actual motion. It’s never so flashy, and definitely not technologically groundbreaking. But it always looks cool. You could take the most ordinary room in the world, stop-motionize the poop out of it, and turn it into a space of infinite possibilities. And just to create the shortest of stop-motion videos, an insane amount of work and detail must be paid to something that may appear so simple and elementary to others. I’ve got a couple of idears for stop-motion videos, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to make something as awesome as this:

The song is “SMS (Shine)” by David Crowder Band. Put it in 1080p, hit the fullscreen, and watch some amazing storytelling happen.



Barçablog Tres – Boquerainy Days

TOLD YOU I was back in bidness! Gotta get back to showing my time in Barça, but this one’s quick and dirty. We had a short first week in Barça before a group trip to Castilla y Leon, and we all we did really for that week was go out. Unfoturnately, those don’t make for the best footage, and you all had your fill of that from the last Barçablog, didn’t you? Meanwhile, I’ll deal you this! During that week, I did check out La Boqueria de St. Josep with Kelly, and Parc Güell, which will be highlighted in another video, because I’ve been there enough times to warrant it its own little episode.

Now before you watch, get your knowledge on:

Back in 1217, tables were installed in near the old city gate to sell meat, thus inaugurating the first Boqueria market in Barthylona. 200 and some years later, it served as a pig market at this same site under the moniker Mercat Bornet. Fast forward to the turn of the 19th century, when the city constructed a separate market in a new location, just off La Rambla (today’s current site). It took another 35 years before the city finally decided to protect it from the rain and bird poop, and even then, construction didn’t start on an official structure enclosing the market until 1840. Plans for the structure have changed a bunch of times since then, but the iteration you see today has been around since 1914.

Anyway, that’s my Wikispeedy version of its history. Hope you enjoy this video. It’s short, but satisfying.

That’s what she said.

Til next time,


Chris and Kev go to Whitey’s Castle 1.3 – The Phone Call

At long  last…my blog is back up and running (well…still crawling, really)! Several angry e-mails were written, profanities were sworn at my faulty internet, and this video has been on deck to be uploaded for longer than Bri was waiting at the airport here in Barcelona on Saturday (sorry Bri, but welcome to my blog! =) ).

I’ve been crazy busy and on the move lately. I spent the last week being spoiled by life: classes were cancelled left and right, jetted out to Paris to spend a romantic weekend with the other half of the namesake for these webisodes (and his girlfriend Elisa…hope you didn’t mind playing awkward 3rd wheel!), then came home to find more friends from across the pond who came to Barcelona for the week (shoutouts to Lexi, Bri, and Miguel here)! Oh, and in between all that, school, of course. Had a couple papers due in a couple classes, and my first and only midterm is tomorrow morning…followed shortly by a flight to Dublin! Basically, every weekend starting from this past one, I’m heading out to a different city abroad and seeing what shenanigans I can get into.

Okay, enough about that stuff…let’s talk about Chris and Kev! The first few episodes were great set-up, and after this episode, things are gonna get REAL SERIOUS, REAL FAST. Actually, they’ll probably get less serious, but definitely more insane. All the craziest things that were only briefly alluded to in the trailer are yet to come.

And to the less than handful of others who might also exist and check this blog…more videos and pictures coming real soon, I promise (though “soon” is a fairly relative term, now isn’t it?).

Thanks for stopping by,