Atomic Tom

While I wait for the newest episode of Chris & Kev go to Whitey’s Castle to upload, I thought I’d take this time to use my blog for non-abroad, non-selfish purposes.

You’ve probably already seen this, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week and are not one of the (as of this posting) 1.3 million people who have seen this video, here’s something way cool and inspiring from a band called Atomic Tom. EVERYTHING (from the music playing to the video recording) was done on Apple’s new iPhone and channeled through a battery powered amp, and the song ain’t half bad either. If I could be half as badass as this in my lifetime, I’ll count it as a success. See how far along I am on that endeavor a little later today…

But until then, here’s to creativity.



Barçablog Dos – Straight from the Teat

Oookay…sorry for the absence of videos lately. My internet’s been poopy lately and isn’t cooperating. I DO have the videos, though…it’s just a matter of figuring out how to upload them for your viewing pleasure. This includes both my Barçablogs and Chris & Kev adventures, which have now been out of commission for weeks. Sorry!

Anyway, the first video I put up was a week into my stay in Barcelona. This video goes over a little of what went down our orientation week in Castelldefels. Next video is our week in Barcelona, before the group trip to Castilla y Leon. Confusing, right?

Now, a little contextual info before we dive into the tale of La Leche de Pantera. On our first day in Castelldefels, we were walking around the town, when we passed one of many little bars. Outside, it had a poster advertising a new cocktail: LA LECHE DE PANTERA. My now good buddy from the program, Sam (tall, auburn-NOT RED–hair, dashing good looks) says, “I WANT THAT,” and he proceeds to throw it out there as a possible adventure every night for the rest of the week. Fast-forward 5 days, and it’s our last night there. We’re at dinner coming up with a gameplan for the night and Sam says, “YO. Before we leave, I’m checking out that Panther Milk. Who’s coming with?” A bunch of us did, and what followed was one of the most LEGENDARY nights ever. We went to a dead bar in the middle of the week, and OWNED it for the night. And the best part was, we were all (well, almost all) completely sober by the time this went down. The drink, by the way, was nothing special. All sugar, not enough alcohol. But those are small details…it’s the memories that matter. And you know what? If 60% of the time it works every time, I guess we were just on the other 40%…and it still worked. Think about it.

That’s about it for now, I think. It was a battle enough getting this video onto the website, so now I will just embed and enjoy.

Talk soon,


P.S. All still photo credit goes to the lovely Kelly Çakert. And yes, that is literally how you spell her name.

Barçablog Uno – Flying Away & BCA Cribs

DRUMROLL PLEASE…let’s celebrate the one month-iversary of my going Spainside with my first abrog (abroad + blog, obviously) video! And look! It’s 15 minutes long…I figured the length of the video was appropriate for the length of time I kept the dozens of you waiting with bated breath. So basically what went down during my first few weeks in Spain was this:

  • 8/30: land in Barcelona, Spain.
  • 8/30-9/3: hotel stay in Castelldefels, Spain for orientating/start of pre-semester courses (of which i receive NO university credit for)
  • 9/3: move in with host families in Barcelona
  • 9/10-9/14: group trip to Castilla y Leon, Spain
  • 9/15: classes start at Universitat de Barcelona

This video takes place after the stay in Castelldefels, when we had just moved in with our host families. Unfortunately, this video’s not as action-packed as the next ones will be…it’s just a nice little intro into my life here in Spain, and a tour of my Spanish mansion. The next video will backtrack a week and go over what happened during orientation. Anyway, that’s that. Enjoy the vid, and I should be back soon with another episode of Chris & Kev as well as Barçablog Dos!