SWAN DIVE!!! Into your new favorite reading material (and online webisodes)

Welcome to my blog, I guess. I need a place to put stuff, this should accomplish that. Done and done. Most people I know start up these here blogs to keep track of their abroad adventures. I’m doing the exact same thing, but hopefully I can keep it going long after I get back. We’ll see. For now though, check out how I’m doing in Spain and elsewhere overseas, and see how much procrastination I’ve got going on with all the thingsĀ I’m working on…

Like this!

This is the beginnings of Chris’ and my going away present for Lexi (who herself has a pretty sweet little blog over at http://lexicali.tumblr.com/). A mundane drive down to Socal turned into a wild ride, and it starts NOW:

(i highly recommend full screen. But it’s ok, you can be a spitfuck and not watch it that way.)